Hanging Glass Cube
Hanging Glass Cube Hanging Glass Cube Hanging Glass Cube
$20.00 $25.00

Gold Leaf Design Group provides a modern design for displaying succulents, air plants, decorative pebbles, shells or other items.  Be ready to let your imagination try limitless designs with the Hanging Glass Cube.

Size: W 3.94" / D 3.94" / H 3.94"  

Materials: Glass

Weight: 3 lb. 

Gold Leaf Design Group is committed to introducing inspiring, handcrafted wares to the discerning world market. They believe individual actions have a collective impact. To contribute to the preservation of our natural resources, they design, produce and source cutting edge products with a positive environmental focus. Their trendsetting pieces often utilize sustainable, reclaimed or re-purposed components and subtly reflect our global interconnectedness.