Fabulously Feathered D'or Pumpkin - 10 inch

These Fabulous Silk Velvet Pumpkins are adorned with a gorgeous collar of natural feathers, drawing a handsome fusion of nature and art.  Add various sizes and colors of solid pumpkins to mesh together lovely arrangements for year round variety and pleasure.

Nouveau harvest moon, imagination taking flight, symbols in the night. ~Brian Strand~

Hot Skwash by Daria is a family business that designs and manufactures high end couture tabletop home décor for an expanding and discerning international clientele.  Authentic Hot Skwash products are identified by Daria's gold signature right on the stem.  All the wonderful ladies at Hot Skwash are mothers, sisters, daughters, businesswomen, students, leaders, dreamers and artists that believe in family, home, and healthy communities!  They laugh while they work with enthusiasm and excitement while creating their exquisite home decor...their goal is making you smile.  They, as well as us at Poppy & Peaches believe everyone is special!

Size: 10"

Material: Silk Velvet, authentic squash stem, adorned with natural feathers, and filled with crushed hazelnut shells.