Silk Velvet Pumpkins…where Hot Skwash all began. Renowned artist Daria Knowles is the original designer of luxury silk velvet pumpkins.  Daria works with artisans across the world to develop custom colors and velvet piles for the most luxurious fine silk velvet, creating these beautiful designer pumpkins, each matched with the perfect natural stem.

The pumpkins are filled with organically sourced crushed hazelnut shells for a nice weighty feel, which keeps your pumpkins positioned just so. When the velvet pumpkin is complete, the stem is signed in gold lettering by artist, “Daria.”

Hot Skwash found their roots in high-end, collectable tabletop decor with silk velvet pumpkins, and continues to create luxury, heirloom quality art, adding to their repertoire: Cashmere Pumpkins, Pomegranates, Strawberries, Hearts, and adorable Acorns with real caps.  Hot Skwash lovers adore the Limited Edition Pumpkins and other rare collectible pieces like Corn and Truffles, all inspired by Mother Nature, and created using only the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. 

Ah, the embellishments!  Hot Skwash pumpkins are gorgeous in their solid velvet colors, but if you’re looking to add some flair, choose from several types of feathers or add world-famous Swarovski crystals.  Just click on one of the images below to start designing your set!

Solid Silk Velvet Pumpkins
Feathered Pumpkins