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Home Decor and Design Trends for 2017

home design and decor

Home Decor and Design Trends for 2017


There are certain classic elements of home décor and design that never seem to fall out of favor. Among these perennial favorites are, well, perennials! Botanical elements such as flowers, leaves, plants, and trees, whether they are live, cut, preserved, drawn, painted, or photographed seem to have an almost universal appeal across different styles of home design and decor. Botanicals lend themselves to use in classic, traditional, vintage, modern/contemporary, even abstract styles. If other natural elements are in use such as wood, ceramic, or metal, botanicals are a perfect complement.


 Refreshing your living space with new trends in 2017 doesn’t have to necessarily mean an entire top to bottom makeover, effective change can come from making just a few small changes here and there to incorporate what is becoming popular in home décor and design this year. Let’s take a look at what’s happening so far in the world of 2017 home design trends.


Since we started out talking about botanicals and their versatility when it comes to home décor and design, let’s see what is happening with these adaptable beauties. This year, the colors of nature are making their way into homes using stronger, more saturated paint colors. Greenery, “a zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring,” has been named by the Pantone Color Institute as its Color of the Year for 2017. Representing freshness, new growth, and rejuvenation, it is one easy way to bring the outdoors inside. Since it is a bold, emphatic color, designers suggest we avoid using it throughout an entire room, but rather try pairing with black and/or white, grays and blues, using it as an accent in artwork or accessories.


The neutral of the year, according to Sherwin Williams, is a rich blend of brown and gray called Poised Taupe, and represents a shift away from cool tones. This warm, comfortable neutral supports the use of Greenery, mentioned above, as an accent. Being a mix between warm and cool, Poised Taupe bridges the gap between the two. White accents will lend a pleasant contrast when using this exciting new neutral as a wall color, which can alternately be used as a trim color to white walls. When working with warmer grays, this warm/cool blend builds depth, and when paired with black, bronze, copper, nickel, or other metallic accents, the effect can be stunning.


Speaking of stunning, Benjamin Moore has chosen Shadow as its color of the year, a rich and royal amethyst color in a hue which “harkens to the past yet is bold and contemporary” and is a definite step in the opposite direction from their 2016 choice of Simply White. Shadow is described as "sophisticated, provocative, and poetic" in the company's announcement.


Although deeper and darker than Greenery, the rich, intense Shadow is just as bold and dramatic a color choice. Consider incorporating it into a room with lighter wood, using it as an accent wall color, on a ceiling, to or as a trim color. The company also announced an entire corresponding palette of 22 deep, saturated hues that coordinate with Shadow. Valspar also introduced a 2017 collection of a dozen different vivid colors focusing on botanical themes.


Nature home decorIf you aren’t ready to start painting walls, you can bring the glowing colors of nature inside with plants, flowers, and artisan adaptations of earth’s glorious gifts. If you’re not a fan of fresh cut flowers (they do tend to die rather quickly, and your allergies may not thank you), there are loads of different types of ferns and green houseplants that can provide variety (and clean air) as well as life, color, softness, and freshness to your living space. A lot of these hardy green plants are low maintenance, requiring nothing more than water and a sunny spot near a window, leaving you more time to get out and enjoy the glorious summer days which are fast approaching. If you’re striving for an easy, fresh look – try rotating your vases, containers, artisan keepsakes, or wall art  according to seasons or simply move them to a new room.


Poppy and Peaches has many options to help you bring the joy of nature into your home. Adding a touch of nature to your home décor can add a creative and timeless look to any room. Some great designers for this style are Accent Décor, Gold Leaf Design Group and Hot Sqwash by Daria and Shop our collection today.








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