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Gift Giving - Presentation matters  (Part 1 - It's a Wrap!)

The gift giving season is fast approaching and as many look forward to watching their special someone unwrap his or her gift, some like me, look forward to seeing my loved one enjoy the way I've wrapped the gift.


I have found that most of the time the presentation adds just as much value to the offering as what's inside the box.  It is so much fun to get creative with items around the house
like small ornaments, parts of old swag, or look for things growing in the yard (or sometimes down the street - but always ask the homeowner) and use them to accentuate the wrap and ribbons... pinecones, berry bushes, wheat bundles, millet, ornamental grasses, even the wispy fronds of fennel with it's fragrant seeds, and on, and on.

Sometimes I put fresh flowers or vines on the gift using 3" water tubes normally used for one stem flowers and tucking the tube under the finished ribbon bow.  Use your imagination, anything goes!


You can have themed looks too.  For an old-fashioned look, buy a few rolls of plain postal wrapping paper, add some wide burlap, then a thinner ribbon of just about any color on top of that.  Don't forget to crease the seems on all sides for a crisp look.  Use old book or music paper, or even old maps from the local thrift shop.  Themes can be fun and look absolutely amazing, but I personally enjoy designing a gift or gift basket to the recipients taste and style.

There is fancy Victorian styles...


Scrappers delight...

Crazy, brilliantly colored Whoville style wrap...



 Or wonderfully masculine tones
And, so much more!










I love to get online to find ideas to steal, or rather expand on.  Yes, I fully admit, I have my creative limitations, (being a more analytical thinker) and have no qualms letting the more creative folks spark an idea for me to manifest my own ideas on.

Please feel free to comment on some ideas that have been successful for you and let the rest of us "steal" your idea!

Watch next for my blog on Gift Baskets.  This is a huge winner with my closest family and friends.  I have become infamous for these baskets and have heard more times than I can count how much people look forward to receiving these baskets of goodies.

Be sure to visit our Poppy & Peaches store for fabulous gift ideas and check out our lighted ribbons to make the presentation pop even more!  We have solids, snowflake, and candy cane designs.  Look for ornaments that can be added too. 


  Thanks for reading!  Warmest regards, Peaches



Gran'ma Vik:

She’s right, the whole family looks forward to what our gifts are going to be! They’re always unique and beautiful.

Nov 21, 2016

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