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Fresh Herbs from the Garden
This morning I was cutting some parsley from the garden for a Chickpea, Avocado & Feta Salad (click here for recipe) I was preparing for Poppy's lunch today and once again found I had cut too much.  
I tend to over-do-it A LOT when cutting herbs out of the garden to cook with.  I almost always have some left over and can hardly bare to throw out the extra so I usually have little vases strewn across the counter with cute little herbs waiting to fulfill their destiny.  Little do they know that whether they get included in another recipe or not, their fragrance and cuteness is enjoyed the whole time they sit there.  


Although, too often when Poppy or I are whipping up a frenzy of cooking or clean up, or when the grandkiddos are over, one of those little vases inevitably goes tumbling off the counter, onto the floor and I am down one more little vase.  

Recently, I found the perfect solution and am delighted to introduce one of our new products, the Buxom Budvase!  

Not only does this chic little assemblage of vases make an exquisite display for cut flowers but provides a beautiful (and sturdy) solution to the extra herbs.   All six vases are affixed to the base so there will be no tumbling around.  

To help those herbs last as long as possible, be sure to trim or pinch off any dead parts then rinse your herbs off as soon as you come in.  Strip away any leaves from the part of the stem that will be in water.  This will help decrease contamination of the water and bonus, use the stripped off parts for your immediate cooking needs.  Don't have an herb stripper?  That's alright, just softly pinch with thumb and forefinger about 3"-4" up the stem (or however much of the stem you plan to submerge in water) and pull down towards the bottom of the stem.

Be sure to change the water every few days to give those herbs extra long life and use as needed.  


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