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Collections: the Human Obsession

Do you get that tickling in your stomach when you see a piece of art that somehow speaks to you?  That one favorite piece in an art gallery or museum that somehow draws out a feeling of truth, a beauty that reminds us deep inside of wonderous things, an awe and respect of another human being’s gift of creation.  Like listening to a genius piece of music, seeing a beautiful dance, staring up at the stars on a clear night.  That overwhelming feeling of beauty, talent, conviction to perfecting creation.  And, if these types of items are obtainable, we find ourselves wanting more and more, thus a collection begins. 

There’s an emotional connection with collections.  Whether people love to collect vintage toys, a particular artist’s paintings, all things elephants, even Christmas ornaments, the first piece speaks to us somehow, stirring creativity, joy and appreciation, maybe it reminds or draws out feelings we’ve had during a special time in life, or maybe simply fills some void deep inside.

It seems most people I know have some kind of collection.  My honey (Poppy) loves to collect Christmas Village pieces and books.  One of my brothers collects Star Wars toys, maybe because as kids we had a devastating house fire that destroyed his cherished Star Wars collection (which also destroyed my Elvis memorabilia collection (insert crying emoticon)).  My dad collects A LOT!  From antique cars and tractors, to books and magazines, and pretty much anything rusty.  My stepmom collects Vintage Coffee Pots, Souvenir Teaspoons, and music boxes.  For a period of time, my mom collected Beanie Babies, cute plush toys that today, can fetch a surprising value!  Kids even start collections like trading cards, hats, or anything Super Hero.  It just seems ingrained in human nature to acquire collections.

I inherited a couple of my grandmother’s collections, a Frankoma Pottery collection (which I love!) and jewelry she had been collecting for years to make a traditional family jeweled Christmas tree, but never got around to making.  I took her jewels and combined with the collection I had started, and created my own framed Christmas tree.  All our kids and grandkids adore this piece.  I already have queues vying for its inheritance.  I remind them, that’s a LONG way off!   Meanwhile, it hangs in my house…all year round.

Regardless of the psychology of collecting, or a person’s preference or motivation for the kind of collection that adds value to their life, we all seem inherently drawn to collecting.  My latest obsession?  Hot Skwash by Daria!  From the first moment I saw a picture of Daria Knowles’ art I was in love.  When I finally saw a whole room full of her magnificent pieces, my eyes welled up and had to gather myself before entering the space.  Each piece is breathtaking; therefore, the building of a collection is in my future for years to come. 

Daria meticulously designs stunning, luxurious pieces inspired by Mother Nature’s bounties.  Her art evokes wonder and joy yet adds a layer of indulgence seen in her worldly pursuit of the finest, most beautiful materials and embellishments, conscious of sourcing responsible, sustainable materials, a quality dear to my heart.  My own Hot Skwash pieces will be proudly displayed…all year round, and probably be split up amongst kids and grandkids when inheritance time comes (again, a LONG way off!)  Some family members, including grandkids, have their first piece of Hot Skwash, adoring them as much as Poppy and I do.

This passion is why Poppy and I decided to sell Hot Skwash on our store.  When people find something amazing, we naturally want to share with everyone we know!  Poppy and I have already had the pleasure of speaking to other’s who have started their own Hot Skwash collection and even send us pictures of how they display their pieces, adding to their collections a few pieces at a time.  Some people get it, and some people don’t…and that’s okay because such is the nature of human obsession.

If you are interested in starting your own high end home décor Hot Skwash collection, Poppy & Peaches’ online home décor boutique is proud to be the only place on this beautiful planet offering Daria’s entire line of creations, from Pumpkins, Truffles, Pomegranates, Strawberries, and Acorns, to Limited Edition and Specialty creations such as Corn or plush Pumpkins adorned with magnificent materials from Italy, Spain, or other worldly travels.  We offer all eleven sizes and 54 colors of Pumpkins.  Daria uses Silk Velvet or 100% Cashmere and collectors can add embellishments such as Feathers, Swarovski Crystals or faux Chinchilla Flowers. continues to grow its reserve of One-of-a-Kind and Specialty pieces to offer to collectors as well.

If you need help with color selection or color combinations to match your current home décor, please drop us a line via email or call.  We have a great sample box of miniature pumpkins in all colors and would be happy to take pics of combinations for you to consider.  Send us an email at or call toll free 844-472-5477 and let’s talk HOT SKWASH!  Made in the USA!
INSIDE THE VAULT: To obtain pictures and descriptions of extremely rare pieces, please email us at  Prices upon request.




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